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Travelmeethub fits in perfectly and in advance of other competing solutions providing the
possibility of recreating
virtual trips and meetings by making availableto providing
organisers and users with a high-performance tool
to presenttheir own
to present their product and their offer and at the same time allows to meet remotely

meet those who will welcome and support us during our real travel experiencein that place or
during our real travel experience in that place or structure.

The new dimension of digital encounters
and travel.

What is Metaverso?

The term Metaverse was coined in 1992 by Neal Stephenson in a science fiction book "Snow Crash", in which he hypothesised a virtual reality parallel to physical reality where each of us lives represented by our own avatar.
To simplify understanding, we can now think of it as a digital place (cyberspace) populated by an infinite number of virtual environments with their own 'address' that can be correlated with each other and where,
and where, thanks to virtual reality applications (VR visors and touch pads), each of us can move around, interact with the
interact with the digital environment and the other users who populate it.
A new User Experience and User Interface is therefore emerging, which will allow, thanks to solutions such as Travelmeethub, users to virtually travel in universal digital environments with a level of interactivity never seen before.

together with other leading technology companies, has announced that it will invest a lot of resources in Metaverso and recreate a parallel universe where we can interact to improve and facilitate many of our daily activities.
Designed primarily for gaming, Metaverso will be the virtual place where many professional applications will be developed.


has already announced that from 2022 it will integrate the Metaverse into the Teams platform with a feature called Mash that will allow virtual meetings through avatars in specific digital environments.
All the technologies and solutions for communication and work that we know will develop new scenarios and products for office automation, allowing us to meet at a distance without moving from our office.