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The only integrated platform with VR viewers for fully immersive exhibitions and workshops

A series of innovative and engaging features for virtual trade shows and meetings designed specifically for the needs of the tourism industry. Our platform for Virtual Fairs and Workshops is the only one to allow integration for navigation with the main VR viewers on the market today, giving the impression of experiencing an event in person.

Recreate realistic online environments where accommodation facilities and tourism activities can be presented using tools that allow them to fully perceive the qualities of their products and services. Unlike in-person fairs, which are limited in terms of space and time, our virtual fairs and workshops allow you to view and download material from anywhere in the world using any device. Participating in an online virtual event saves time and travel costs, but at the same time provides an exciting experience through virtual reality. Participants will be fascinated by the digital environments and integrations that allow them to meet as if they were in an in-person session.

The virtual exhibition stand becomes a real interactive hub where you can welcome visitors and present your products and services. A perfect integration of connectivity tools such as multiple videocalls, pre-scheduled appointments, live chat, 360° 3D tour entry, video display, viewing and downloading of multimedia files, and other customisations on request, allow you to make the most of your meetings. Every action and every meeting is monitored by our reporting system which, at the end of the event, releases all the data obtained so that not a single contact is lost. An API connection system allows you to create new accounts and update profiles in external CRMs.