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Our history

A team of graphics experts, digital engineers and travel professionals decided to start working on the creation of a platform for the organisation and management of virtual trade fairs and workshops, realising what would become a necessity today.
Unsatisfied with what the market was offering in terms of the graphic quality of virtual environments, they created TravelMeetHub, a platform powered by a proprietary software called 360Realistic3D® that enables the generation of immersive and engaging digital environments.
The combination of real and virtual available today is practically infinite and we are able to integrate the main VR viewers on the market, having developed specific plug-ins that allow visualisation in graphic definition up to 8k level.

We have ambitious goals
for a cutting-edge solution

One of our aims is to completely revolutionise the travel meetings sector, drastically reducing costs by optimising human and economic resources and reducing the environmental impact of large-scale events. optimising human and economic resources, while at the same time reducing the environmental impact of large-scale events. A virtual trade fair or workshop organised with our technology increases the involvement of participants with a graphic quality never seen before in digital events. never seen before in digital events and with the integration of Virtual and Augmented Reality applications.
Our solution allows companies in the travel sector to enter the era of digital transformation as protagonists by investing in an innovative, engaging and sustainable tool. innovative, engaging and sustainable tool as today's world requires.

Why choose our solution:

because we have, at this moment, the most innovative technology on the market and we continue to invest every day in research and development to improve it
because our team of professionals will support you from the very first moment until the end of the event and even beyond, offering you their high level of preparation.
because our digital creativity, as well as yours, has no limits and we can develop any requirement
because our safety standards are very high and regularly subjected to demanding pressure tests
because our technology is easy to use (which is not to say simple to implement) and will make any virtual event dynamic.
because our style is incomparable, the result of the creativity and taste of us Italians.