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Let virtual becomes real


hyper-realistic graphics with an infinite combination of solutions
immersive experience thanks to integrations with VR peripherals
hybridisation of real and virtual environments for perfect augmented rendering
360Realistic3D® proprietary graphics software
high-performance yet easy and intuitive event management dashboard
AI navigation algorithms
stand as a true interactive hub
appointments between the participants in perfect match
full event reporting

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The perfect solution
of every digital event




Digital environments outdoor and indoor

Thanks to its innovative technology,TravelMeetHub is the perfect solution for all remote meetings in the world of tourism that want to provide participants with an interactive, exclusive and unique navigation experience. Not just a simple virtual meeting place, but a personalised experience that allows participants to live the event in "full immersion" mode, also with the perfect integration of VR and AR tools. A solution with high navigation performance and guaranteed connection stability that allows full use of numerous remote engagement tools for a stimulating and innovative face-to-face experience. Organisers will be able to create their event in any setting with only one limitation: their imagination!

Infinite real/virtual combinations

Not just one but an infinite number of environments with a combination of real and virtual that meets the organiser's every need for customisation. The stand becomes an interactive hub projected towards the interlocutor with the possibility of downloading any type of multimedia content and interacting with third party content for a comprehensive presentation of your product.

Who we are addressing

Are you a tourism workshop organiser and looking for a unique, creative and original digital meeting place to connect tourism players? Would you like to create a virtual event where you can present, as in a real event, a specific type of tourism product? Do you represent a tourist destination and are you looking for a solution that can recreate, even from a distance, the atmosphere of an in-person visit? Would you like to present a group of hotels, resorts or other tourist activities in a unique way and in an evocative setting, in order to make services and locations tangible? TravelMeetHub is the solution for you!


Some environments created


Event created with a perfect combination of real environments obtained from an on-site photographic survey and digital virtual environments. A perfect 360° 3D navigation involving participants in a country setting of the Umbrian countryside. The texture of the natural elements created by our software is able to render the real texture of the surfaces and the harmonisation of colour, light and shadow as well as the movement given by the wind, the clouds and every mobile element, creating a total immersion of the participants. Environment integrable with VR viewers.


Here, the setting requested by the client starts from a real place in which to integrate the Hub exhibition venue. Our graphic software managed to place the entire virtual installation taking into account light, colour, perspective distortions towards infinity, giving the perfect illusion of being in a real place. The entrance and exit between bright and dark environments manages to recreate the visual adaptation of our eye by granting an imperceptible delay of the persistence of the light flash. This is an example of the perfection of TravelMeetHub's virtual environments. Environment integrable with VR visors.


A precise request to create several different settings with specific product themes(Outdoor, Wellness, Wine&Food, Luxury, Unforgettable). The virtual pavilions are perfectly integrated into relevant settings in order to involve the visitor in the product experience. Vast indoor and outdoor environments to accommodate a high number of participants and supported by an easy and intuitive navigation legend that allows you to move quickly to the desired stand or to move independently for a complete virtual visit. Another specific feature is the integration of individual 360° tours of the exhibiting tourism activities directly into your own stand, creating a unique and evocative continuity solution for the visitor who finds himself travelling from inside to outside the event with exciting involvement. Environment integrable with VR viewers.